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Welding Supplies

Maine Oxy is proud to supply the most reliable abrasives on the market today. Product lines are available at any of our store locations.

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 CO2 Storage Alarm inset

CO2 Storage Alarm

 Personal O2 Monitor inset

Personal O2 Monitor

 Personal CO2 Monitor inset

Personal CO2 Monitor

 Welding Gas Analyzer inset

Welding Gas Analyzer

 Oxygen Safety Alarm inset

Oxygen Safety Alarm

 Laser Welder inset

Laser Welder

 Flap Wheels inset

Flap Wheels

 Cut-off Wheels inset

Cut-off Wheels

 Grinding Wheels inset

Grinding Wheels

 Non-woven Abrasives inset

Non-woven Abrasives

 Polifan Flap Disc inset

Polifan Flap Disc

 Wheel Brushes inset

Wheel Brushes

 Cup Brushes inset

Cup Brushes

 Scratch Brushes inset

Scratch Brushes

 Mig Guns inset

Mig Guns

 Tig Torches inset

Tig Torches

 Electrode Holder inset

Electrode Holder

 Cable Connectors inset

Cable Connectors

 Ground Clamps inset

Ground Clamps

 Clamps inset


 Blankets inset


 Screens inset


 Carts inset


 Hoses inset


 Chemicals inset


 Mig inset


 Tig inset


 Stick/Electrode inset


 Welding Helmets inset

Welding Helmets

 Gloves inset


 Welding Sleeves inset

Welding Sleeves

 Welding Coats inset

Welding Coats

 Safety Glasses inset

Safety Glasses

 Respirators inset


 Hearing Plugs inset

Hearing Plugs

 Headgear inset


 Regulators inset


 Flow Meters inset

Flow Meters

 MIG Machines inset

MIG Machines

 TIG Machines inset

TIG Machines

 Plasma Machines inset

Plasma Machines

 Wire Feeder inset

Wire Feeder

 Engine Machines inset

Engine Machines

Gas Supply

We offer a full range of gases to cover your specific application needs. Whatever your method or application, we have what you need.

man checking pressure gauge of large welding gas supply tank

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