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man in helmet, jacket, and gloves welding


Our rentals

All your equipment needs, at any Maine Oxy Location.

MIG Welders

An arc welding process that creates a continuous and consistent solid weld from the gun with the ability to join a wide range of metals and thicknesses.

TIG Welders

Great for high-quality aluminum welding in structural applications.

Stick Welders

Shielded metal arc welders utilize an electric current and anode at the weld pool.

Plasma Cutting equipment

Cut materials efficiency and effectively with a high-velocity ionized gas.

Engine Drives

We carry a wide collection of all shapes and sizes.

Fume Extractors

Collection equipment to protect people and environments from overexposure to the fumes and gases that develop during welding and cutting. Necessary for compliance with OSHA, AWS, and NIOSH guidelines.

From our customers

  • “Of all the people involved, you’ve put the most effort into getting this project off the ground.”

    – Central Maine Community College

man in personal safety gear measuring object for squareness

Safety comes standard

We maintain certifications and follow all safety precautions for gas installations.

  • Certified NFPA99-2012
  • ASSE 6010 Medical Gas Installations
  • ASSE 6040 Medical Gas Maintenance

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