Gas Products

Industrial Pure Gases
Maine Oxy offers a wide selection of industrial gases to meet your demands. We understand that consistent quality is critical, that’s why we offer multiple purity levels for our gases.

Specialty Gases
SpecAir is Maine Oxy’s ISO 17025 Accredited specialty gas laboratory. We manufacture a long list of specialty gas mixtures. SpecAir provide everything from EPA protocols to Disposable cylinders for the Industrial Hygiene industry.

Beverage Gas
Own a Bar? How about a kegerator? Maine Oxy has the Carbon Dioxide you need to keep the bubbles flowing. We also offer special draft blends, for those who enjoy a heartier beer.

Medical Gases
We provide an extensive supply of medical and specialty gas products to hospitals, surgery centers, dental practices, and other medical centers. Therapy Gases, Lung diffusion mixtures, Medical laser gas mixtures, Blood gas mixtures, and Sterilant mixture.

Bulk & Micro Bulk
Maine Oxy understands to compete in a global economy, you need to maximize your efficiencies. When you have an efficient gas supply, you start realizing the productivity gains. Maine Oxy provides bulk and micro-bulk solutions.