What Others Are Saying

Wondering if Maine Oxy’s Safety and Preventive Maintenance is for you? Don’t take our word for it. Listen to what others are saying:

“Jim Boivin, a Safety Consultant with Maine Oxy, provides Brown’s Welding & Steel with a variety of Safety related services. Being a small business in Maine and finding the time and resources to keep up with safety inspections and training in the manufacturing industry is very difficult. Jim conducts monthly safety inspections throughout our facility, then follows up with management on recommendations; Jim also conducts monthly safety meetings on a variety of safety topics and provides needed training. Some of the safety topics and training Jim has provided consists of: annual fire extinguisher training for employees, monthly fire extinguisher inspections, the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) in the workplace, Lock Out/Tag Out program compliance, review of the company’s Emergency Action Plan as well as its hazardous communication program and the proper use of SDS sheets, etc.  Jim consults with management prior to each safety meeting to ensure the topics meet management objectives and needs. Jim also meets with management after each facility inspections to make recommendations or just to maintain an open dialogue with the needs of safety in the workplace. The services of a Safety Consultant, with Jim’s education, certifications, and experience are invaluable to a small business in today’s work environment.”
Robin Weeks, Business Manager, Browns Welding & Steel Inc., Norridgewock

“Jim was instrumental in developing our safety program. His “Pre OSHA” inspection was beneficial in keeping us in compliance with the OSHA regulation. He’s a great talent that adds real value. ”
– Thomas Sturtevant, President F3 MFG, Waterville

“This is our second round of training with Maine Oxy, after having half of my group that had gone through the training and half that did not, it became obvious to me that the group that had not been through training needed it. For example, the lack of training with one of our guys resulted into maneuvering cylinder with no protective cover. I recommend the training to seasoned and new hires. Thank you Maine Oxy.”
– Jason Carrier, General Manager, Canadian Chains, Norridgewock