Fun With Dry Ice

It’s true that any Dry Ice use must be done safely, and children should ONLY use Dry Ice with responsible adult supervision. For more safety tips, click here.

There are all kinds of fun things that can be done with Dry Ice, from the team at ThoughtCo. It’s science happening right before your very eyes!

Dry Ice Fog

This is pretty easy, and pretty cool. Take some Dry Ice and put it in a container of hot water. That will create sublimation, which will make Dry Ice fog. You might see the end product at parties, dances, or Halloween haunted houses!

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Dry Ice Crystal Ball

Put a piece of Dry Ice in a bowl or a cup that also has some bubble solution in it. Take a towel and wet it with some of the bubble solution, and then pull it across the lip of the bowl. That will trap the carbon dioxide into a big bubble which will look strikingly similar to a crystal ball!

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Frozen Soap Bubble

It’s like a snow globe, but without the snow…and the little buildings. But it’s pretty amazing!

Take a soap bubble, and let it freeze (CAREFULLY) over Dry Ice. The bubble will look like it’s floating over the Dry Ice! Once it’s done, you can pick it up and look at it!

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Inflating Balloons and Gloves

Put a small piece of Dry Ice inside a balloon or a latex/plastic glove. Tie the balloon or glove closed, and as the Dry Ice sublimates, the inflatable will…inflate! Be careful –┬áif you use too much Dry Ice, it will pop!

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Scary Halloween Jack-o’-Lantern

What’s more scary than a Jack-o’-Lantern at Halloween? One with Dry Ice fog coming out of it, of course!

It’s simple: put a little Dry Ice and hot water in a Jack-o’-Lantern and let science take care of the rest.

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Fog Bubbles

The effect on this one is pretty cool. Put a piece of Dry Ice in some bubble solution. The chemistry will create fog-filled bubbles. When you pop them, Dry Ice fog will be released!

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Singing/Scary Spoon

Take a spoon (or any metal object) and press it against a piece of Dry Ice. The vibration sounds like the spoon is singing…or screaming…depending on the conditions. The effect will either be scary or sweet!

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